Baptism decisions!!!

The evangelist called for baptism yesterday at our morning service, when Joe one of my Bible study contacts stood up for baptism I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest 🙂 It was so powerful to see people coming forward to give their lives to Jesus.

I originally met Joe on a construction site near the church. Joe is a 45 year old Hispanic construction contractor. He originally bought a 3 DVD set from me and then signed up for personal Bible studies. My initial thought was that he wasn’t very serious. WOW how I was wrong. The first week Joe canceled on me for Bible studies because of something that came up. When I talked with him on the phone that day I felt God asking me to close him hard on the phone for Bible studies the next week. I basically told him that something was always going to come up every week to get in the way of him doing Bible studies because Satan didn’t want him to know God. I told him that what it would ultimately come down to was whether or not he was going to CHOOSE to do this or not…it got really quiet on the phone and then Joe said, “We will have Bible study next week for sure. When the following week came something did come up. His family who are not religious were all over at his house and he felt uncomfortable. But because he wanted to still do Bible studies he asked me to meet him at Wendy’s to do the Bible study. Bethany and I went together and what a powerful Bible study it was. Joe is a very perceptive person and really LISTENS and seeks to understand. Our first Bible study was on the character of God and His Love. Joe was deeply touched by the study by God’s grace 🙂 Joe has a Catholic background but from age 25-recently he had given up God for worldly things. When I first met him he said that the stress from his job was overwhelming him. He had stopped partying and drinking but had replaced trying to fill the void of life with those things to trying to use work as his fulfillment. But after our Bible study he started to realize that Jesus was the only One who could fill his heart. Since then we did 2 more Bible studies one on the validity of Scripture and the other on Daniel 2. He has consistently come to the seminar almost every night and is accepting the truths of God’s Word readily. When he heard the Sabbath message he went home and redid his schedule to make sure he would be off on Sabbath. He is a little bit of a joking sort of person (kinda fun and joking like Bethany) His big joke every time I call to remind him for the seminar is that before I have time to ask him if he will be there for the seminar he will say, so Janell just checking to make sure you’ll be at the seminar. Then he says you don’t have to worry I will be coming I want to know, I’m doing this for myself and to know God. Just tell me where to go and I’ll be there. Please continue to pray for Joe this week as he continues to make his decision for God. I look forward to seeing him come up from the watery grave of baptism to live for Jesus 🙂


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