Our seminar just started last night! SO EXCITING! We had more people than we planned for, about 150 people 🙂 So far counted we had 59 guests! PRAISE GOD! It was the greatest blessing to see the people we have been studying with come to opening night. Many people came from member invitations and from fliers we left on doors from Bible study lead cards. We are just starting the marathon 🙂 Can’t wait to see how it ends!

Janell-One of my favorite testimonies from tonight. One of my most solid contacts called and canceled the morning of the meeting because of sickness. We prayed for him and then took over a bunch of cold remedy treatments like a bag of lemons, oranges, garlic, grape seed extract, and garlic pills two hours before the seminar was starting…and PTL HE SHOWED UP! Everyone keeps saying when they meet him, this guy is a colportuer…he just doesn’t know it yet. Scott is in his 20s, a kind young man with a smile that never seems to waver despite personal difficulties in his life and his mom’s medical problems. Since the first Bible study he has kept seeking to draw the rest of his family out for the Bible studies. Praying for the rest of them to come out to the series!


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