Faithfulness leads to great blessings!

Louis Vavala requested Bible studies through Voice of Prophecy. I visited his home about 4 times before FINALLY I met him and he signed up for Bible studies. We have since gone through 5 Bible Studies and he is always ready and excited to study the Bible! Invited him to the seminar, he was so excited and agreed to come!

Side note, when I originally couldn’t find him home I ended up surveying the street he lived on. The home right next to his was where I met Paulina and her 5 children who have been my most A+++ Bible study since the earliest weeks of us being here 🙂

Also another lead card we followed up on our first day and then several other times ended up blooming into a beautiful study. We kept missing them at home or just meeting the husband of Nina, the lady who requested the Bible Studies. I was going my last time 2 weeks ago and ended up meeting Nina and Joe Comacho. She said that she remembered the card and that since then God has worked so powerfully in her life and He even brought her children and husband into a relationship with God. They are now very active in their own church. The last 3 Bible studies have been a powerful experience! Our last study I studied with them, Jason Wichapool and his wife Desiree came with me. We studied Daniel 2 and I could see the breakthroughs happening in their eyes. Joe the husband suddenly just got it and I saw a look of hopefulness and confidence in the Bible that before had been lacking. Found out later from Jason that when he was Bible working at our church had also followed up on this lead multiple times but they were never home….faithfulness pays off. God knew the exact moment when they would be ready 🙂


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